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New In The Shop~Walter Brennan Portrait

  Hot off the drawing board is a portrait of THE Walter Brennan, affable sidekick to many of the western heroes and quite a lovable character-actor! See it here in the shop!  

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Theodore Roosevelt’s Experience With Cowboys

  David McCullough sums up some of what Theodore Roosevelt said of cowboys: “He wrote of their courage, their phenomenal physical endurance. He liked their humor, admired the unwritten code that ruled the cow camp ‘Meanness, cowardice, and dishonesty are … Continue reading

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The Virginian Episode Review~Throw A Long Rope

  Throw A Long Rope The Virginian TV show was 90 minutes long, giving it a unique advantage over other western TV shows as it had more time to develop the story and characters. It was almost like a short … Continue reading

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New “Hondo” Note Cards In The Shop

The “Hondo” note card is a sketch inspired by the final fight scene in the 1953 film “Hondo” where John Wayne is on horseback helping the wagons escape from the Apaches. Entirely hand sketched in pen and ink. A great … Continue reading

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Western Ballad~Big Iron

Marty Robbins is absolutely the best singer of western ballads.  Any description I could attempt of his ability to make a story come so alive that you taste the dust, see the blazing sunsets, and feel the tension in the … Continue reading

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3 Quick Tips For Making A Horse Sketch Look Real

  Make the chest appear rounded.  If you have ever looked at a horse in real life you will see that the middle area of a horse’s body is round~like a barrel. Use darker shading under the chest and belly … Continue reading

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    “Listen, Bob. A gun is a tool. No better and no worse that any other tool, a shovel–or an axe or a saddle or a stove or anything.  Think about it always that way.  A gun is as … Continue reading

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