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Happy Birthday Dale Evans

Dale Evans Rogers October 31st, 1912- February 7, 2001   Wife of Roy Rogers and mother of eight children, singer, actress, and cowgirl.   Happy Birthday!

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James Drury: A Western

“A western, by definition, is a morality play. It must show the triumph of good over evil.” ~James Drury  

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“The Nevadan” Randolph Scott Film Review

Randolph Scott, one of the silver screen’s finest western actors, stars in this 1950 western  film.  He was the classic example of the strong and silent westerner, with the hardness of steel where principles were concerned. Character was etched into … Continue reading

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A Western…

“It’s a story featuring a civilized, armed entrepreneur facing moral tests in an uncivilized frontier, who triumphs by faith, courage, and climatic firepower.” ~Geoff Botkin

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The Virginian Episode Review~The Judgement

The Judgement The Virginian TV show was 90 minutes long, giving it a unique advantage over other western TV shows as it had more time to develop the story and characters. It was almost like a short movie, and indeed, … Continue reading

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“Shane” Book Quotation

“That won’t work either.” Father was grim, but he was better and facing up to it. “A man can stand for a lot of pushing if he has to. ‘Specially when he has his reasons.” His glance shifted briefly to … Continue reading

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An Exciting Announcement

Two of my portraits are off to the studio of my professional art printer. That means that within a couple of weeks high quality art prints of Walter Brennan and Johnny Crawford  will be available in my shop!  Check back … Continue reading

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Reminisce: Bells Of San Angelo in 90 Seconds!

B-westerns are full of so much rollicking fun and clear cut good guy/bad guy stories where the good guy always triumphs in the end. Sometimes, while watching the A-films with better budgets, scripts, and interesting moral tests and situations that … Continue reading

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What Do You Surround Yourself With?

My pencils have been busy during the past weeks working on a new portrait of one of the silver screen cowboys. There is one thought that, as an artist, I have been pondering: the principle that you become like what … Continue reading

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