Cheyenne Episode Review~Julesburg


“Cheyenne” was an old western TV show that started in 1955. The main hero was Cheyenne Bodie, played by Clint Walker.

WalkerHis loyal and comedic side-kick is “Smitty”, played by none other than the great L. Q. Jones.


In this episode from season one “Julesburg” Cheyenne and Smitty run across a wagon train full of folks heading west to make a new life for themselves.


During the night some rustlers steal their cattle, which means everything to these folks…

Clint Walker

Cheyenne is determined to get their cattle, which is their livelihood and life savings, back so he says good bye to the folks and heads off to find the thieves.

#7 There is a young boy in the wagon train named Tommy Scott whose only relation was killed during the night the cattle were rustled.


Unknown to Cheyenne he stowed away on the wagon only to be discovered after they had traveled a ways…


He joins up with them, Smitty is posing as a gun salesman and Tommy agrees to pretend to be his son. Cheyenne poses as a cattle buyer who doesn’t know them. Then they hit the town of Julesburg, and he spots the stolen herd right off.


Meanwhile the head bad man, McCanles (the feller on the left) is up to no good.


Not only is is he plotting to sell the cattle and dispose of the evidence, he is also making himself a nuisance to the wife Mr. Barnes, a coward and the man who is buying his cattle. He is fond of Barnes’ wife and Barnes is too scared of him to stand up for her, because McCandles runs the whole town, so he just stands by while McCandles pesters Mrs. Barnes relentlessly.


Things start happening fast as Cheyenne and Smitty lock horns with McCanles–including a shooting match on main street where the target is a playing card–held in a man’s hand.


The good guys get trapped second floor of the hotel, basically held prisoner, then things come to a head and the shooting really starts!

#22#27 #28  I’ll stop here before I give away the ending. Suffice it to say that this show is a rollicking, fun, traditional western and a very amusing way to pass 45 minutes. The thing that makes it so great, aside from the typical western elements of good vs. evil in the plot, moral tests, and heroes who stand for what is right unflinchingly, is the dialogue. Particularly the dialogue of L.Q. Jones (Smitty) and the way he acts off of Cheyenne’s seriousness.  🙂


He is not in all of the Cheyenne episodes (unfortunately!) but he gives a great performance in this one and is quite a likeable, funny, and witty character.

Have you seen any of the Cheyenne TV show? Drop back by here if you watch this episode, I’d love to hear what you think!

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3 Responses to Cheyenne Episode Review~Julesburg

  1. Hamlette says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how I love Cheyenne! It’s taken me a few years, because they’re not cheap, but I now own all 7 seasons! I haven’t watched all of them yet, though. I go on a Cheyenne kick now and then and watch a bunch for a couple weeks, then quit.

    It took me a little while to get used to Smitty, as I’d seen some later-season eps as a kid that he wasn’t in, so I had to get accustomed to Cheyenne not being a total loner, but after a couple of eps, I really started liking him 🙂 And then he up and disappeared 🙁

    GREAT screencaps!

    • Annie says:

      Wow! You have all of the seasons! I just own season one so far, but hopefully it won’t be long before I get the next season. They are expensive aren’t they?

      Can’t wait to dive into the later seasons and see what they are like, even though there is no Smitty. 🙁 It’s such a fun show!

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