~ Christmas 2017 ~

I wish you all a merry Christmas of feasting and celebrating with the family and friends you hold dear!


A few links and “Chrismassy” things I’ve enjoyed this week:

~Drawing the above wreath. I took an hour long break from my work to sketch a western-pine Christmas wreath just for fun, and had a perfectly wonderful time with it.

~Percy Faith’s “Music Of Christmas” album. As far as instrumental Christmas music is concerned, Percy Faith’s is likely my favorite. It’s rousing and makes me burst out in song in places, and delicately exquisite in others, but every bit of it sounds like it could have been an excerpt from the soundtrack of “It’s A Wonderful Life” and I keep expecting to hear George Bailey or one of the cast quote a line every now and then.

On the western side of things, Percy Faith is known for composing the theme and music of “The Virginian” TV show. Also of note to the western enthusiast: this “Music of Christmas” album debuted the same year as the classic “Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs” album of the great Marty Robbins–1959.

~Reading a western Christmas short story “The Bird of Dawning” by Elisabeth Grace Foley (the author I had the pleasure of working with this summer). It’s a nice tale, and especially fun as I can sympathize with Cal having sat up on many a chilly night myself, watching out for howling predators in our fields. Of course my howling prowlers were merely coyotes–not wolves. 😉 But I can attest to the fact that the companionship of a good friend (and a dog!) by your side can make all the difference a few hours into the dark night…

~Making plans of new portraits, sketches, and projects of various sorts for next year.

~Baking spicy molasses cookies and sharing them over cups o’ tea, coffee, conversations, and games with friends and family.

All told I’ve been doing a lot less work this past week– almost taking a semi-vacation and leading a not-at-all-normal-to-me life. I’ll be back to my pencils and artist life with the new year!

Until then– Merry Christmas!


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