Happy Birthday to James Drury!

Not all the good guys wore white hats.

James Drury, best known for his role as ranch foreman in The Virginian,  typically wore a black cowboy hat. And continues to do so to this day.

The laconic, lanky, and dark haired cowboy made many appearances in classic western shows, including Gunsmoke, Cheyenne, and The Rifleman.  However, many of his roles in the lesser known shows, like The Rebel, The Range Rider, and Black Saddle, most folks have never heard of.  It’s been my tradition to review one of his shows or films around his birthday week (you can read last year’s review Ten Who Dared here), and this week it’s going to be one of those little known episodes, so stay tuned!

James Drury played many roles through the years, but to most Americans he will always be known as “the Virginian,” “Ramrod,” or “Boss Man” –the man with no name.

Wishing him a very happy 83rd birthday!

(the above portrait is for available for purchase here!)

“If there’s a wrong; you fight it. If you don’t you become part of it. That ain’t so hard to understand, is it.”

~James Drury, in “The Virginian”

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday to James Drury!

  1. BJ says:

    The portrait is lovely! James Drury is one of my favorites!

  2. My parents and I like watching Walker Texas Ranger, and James Drury made a few appearances in the first few episodes. I saw the name in the opening credits and I thought it sounded familiar….. so I had to look up and see who it was! I am not sure if I have seen him in any of his younger rolls though.


    • Annie says:


      I’ve only seen a couple Walker Texas Ranger shows, and they did have James Drury in them, but his roles I enjoy most were from his earlier acting career. You may enjoy watching some of his “Virginian” western TV shows! The thing most folks seem to know him from was his part in the classic Walt Disney film Pollyanna as “Cousin George.” 🙂

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