On a Man Keeping His Word~Quote From The Comancheros


A few lines from one of the best scenes in The Comancheros: it’s when Texas Ranger Jake (John Wayne) is riding with his prisoner Paul Regret out on the plains after Regret just saved dozens of innocent lives, and Regret is asking Jake to release him after he’d proved himself trustworthy. It’s a great scene because of the fun interaction between the characters as they develop in the story, but also because of the seriousness with which Jake regards keeping his word:

Regret: After what happened back at Scofield’s–you making me a godfather– don’t you think you’re carrying this thing a little too far. (motions to handcuffs)

Jake: I feel bad about it Monsieur, if it’s up to me it would be different.

Regret: Who else is it up to?

Jake: Huh?

Regret: Well, it’s just you and I.

Jake: Well, I’ve thought on it a lot–gave myself a lot of argument, but I just can’t do it. ‘Let him make a run for it’ I say to myself.

Regret: And then what would you say?

Jake: And then I say to myself, ‘You can’t let him run, you swore an oath when they put that badge on ya.’

Regret: And that’s important to you?

Jake: I said I swore an oath.

Regret: Words. (scornfully)

Jake: Monsieur, words are what men live by. Words they say and mean.  You must have had a real careless upbringing.

Oh, and by the way folks, today is John Wayne’s birthday.  Do you have a favorite film or quote of his?

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2 Responses to On a Man Keeping His Word~Quote From The Comancheros

  1. Hamlette says:

    I love the way he always says “monsieur” in this — Mon-soor. Cracks me up to no end 🙂

    My favorite John Wayne movie is The Sons of Katie Elder <3

    And it's not my favorite quote, but one I quote a lot is, "Women! I never met one yet that was half as reliable as a horse." (from North to Alaska)

    • Annie says:

      His pronunciation of monsieur is perfectly hilarious! Did you notice that when he is out at his friend’s ranch (trying to help her into town) he introduces the monsieur Paul Regret to the little girl, who promptly says in her little girl voice “hello mon-soor” just like him. 🙂

      The Sons of Katie Elder is a fun film, It’s amazing that you can pick a favorite–I have such a hard time!

      I’d never heard that quote before, but I can just imagine him saying it. Very easily 🙂

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