The Era of Silent Westerns~Will Rogers

I have a fondness for silent westerns, the old-fashioned stars excelled at those pioneering cowboy films and made all manner of them including western comedies like this clip from an old 1922 Will Rogers film titled “The Ropin’ Fool”

I found the scenes in the above excerpt very helpful when I was doing trick roping for a few years, and it is always fascinating to see what the westerns were like in the early days, and how the later ones grew and changed–but still retained some of the classic patterns developed by the early directors and actors.  The earliest western film was made in 1903, so by the time “The Ropin’ Fool” came out they had had almost 10 years of experience. Not long at all considering they were building everything entirely from the ground up!

Have you ever watched a silent film? What’s the earliest western film you’ve seen?

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2 Responses to The Era of Silent Westerns~Will Rogers

  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t think I have seen Will Rogers in anything, but I have watched silent film before. I have seen several Buster Keaton films, and some other silent film artists that I can’t remember their exact names. It is certainly a different feel from “talkies”.


    • Annie says:

      I think they are a tremendous amount of fun and often quite hilarious! I have yet to watch an entire Buster Keaton film, but I’ll hopefully get around to it soon!

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