The Rifleman Season #3!


For anyone who has loved The Rifleman and waited and watched for the release of season 3, your wait is almost over! It will be available to pre-order/purchase on this Friday! Head on over to the this page for details or check out the official site home page!


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2 Responses to The Rifleman Season #3!

  1. Hamlette says:

    Another favorite of mine! I only have season 1 on DVD so far, but I watched ever so many eps on VHS as a kid. We actually named our first dog Lucas after Lucas McCain…

    • Annie says:

      How fun to have a dog named after him! We’ve had all sorts of animals named after western characters through the years, everything from a Dale Evans to a rooster named Hopalong Cassidy. but no Lucas yet.
      I have the first two seasons, I’m still saving up for #3! The Rifleman is either #1 or #2 on my favorite western TV shows list. I NEVER tire of watching it.

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