Western Note Card Giveaway!

ManlyWesternStationaryAs a part of the Legends of Western Cinema Week I’m hosting a giveaway for a set of 3 note cards from The Western Desk shop! Enter below and be sure to tell your friends!

And The Winner is Sarah! Congratulations!

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8 Responses to Western Note Card Giveaway!

  1. Sarah says:

    Your art is wonderful, but I think your note cards with the saddle are my favorite, although if you expanded your portrait selection, I might have to change my mind. 🙂


    • Annie says:

      Thanks Sarah! Who would you like to see added to the western portraits? Several more portraits are in various stages of planning and production already…

      • Sarah says:

        It wouldn’t be a stretch at all for me to say, that the top two people I would like to see in sketch would be Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. But, that is my biased opinion. 🙂 If I beg and plead would you tell me whose portraits you are working on? 🙂


        • Annie says:

          There are several–none near completion yet. Two of them are Dale Evans and Alan Ladd…the others I’m not going to divulge yet. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know your picks Sarah!

          • Hamlette says:

            I’ve still got a spot on my wall for that Alan Ladd portrait.

            I’m bummed that I missed out on this! I was so busy and then gone, but oh well.

          • Annie says:

            I’m thinking I might draw Alan Ladd from a earlier film than Shane…maybe Whispering Smith or Branded. I have several rough sketch ideas from the three films, but have yet to settle on one! I might just have to draw several. 🙂

            (One of my favorite pictures of him is the one you have on your computer desktop–with the black hat and revolver, peering out from behind the rock.)

            Sorry you missed the giveaway!

  2. Sarah says:

    I received the cards yesterday. They are lovely, Annie, and you have such pretty handwriting.


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